Konfuziusinstitute Nachrichten

4月5日,由弗莱堡大学孔子学院主办的“中国内蒙古民族管弦乐”演奏会在弗莱堡古代商贸会馆(Historisches Kaufhaus)成功举行,演奏会吸引了约250名听众。来自内蒙古民族艺术剧院民乐团的20位演奏家带来了一场具有民族特色的演出,18首风格不同的乐曲带着现场听众领略了一番内蒙古大草原的魅力。尤其是其中蒙古族特有的,被定为世界文化遗产的呼麦,让听众赞叹不已,掌声经久不息。整场演奏会获得了极好的反响,促进了中德之间文化交流。

On Wednesday, April 5, “Mongolian Orchestra Concert” was successfully held in HistorischesKaufhaus Freiburg. The concert had attracted about 250 audiences. 20 performers from Inner Mongolia Bureau of National Art Troupes National Orchestra brought a special Mongolian performance with 18 fantastic pieces, telling different stories of grassland to the audience. Especially the Khoomei, an unique Mongolian throat singing, which is inscribed in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO, astonished all. The whole concert aroused great echoes in Freiburg and made angreat effort tothe cultural exchange between China and Germany.